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The Being A Tory Politician Hoedown

This song is by Colin Mochrie and features Greg Proops, Rory Bremner and Ryan Stiles.

Greg Proops
Tory politicians, they really are a drag
Bumming common people, that just ain't my bag
But I am a waffler, and a total prat
So next election I will vote liberal democrat

Rory Bremner (as John Major)
No-one likes a party, they think we're full of shit
Presiding over Europe, and most of us are split
When going off on holiday, I really do not care
The feelgood factor's coming soon, his name is Tony Blair

Colin Mochrie
Politics is very strange, it confuses me a lot
There's Tories, Liberals, Wigs and others, put me on the spot
They do things very strange ... (faints)

Ryan Stiles
Being in power can loom really large
Seems everyone wants to really be in charge
People who want power will do anything on a dare
As a matter of fact that's why Clive ripped out all his hair