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Two Lighthousekeepers

This song is by Colin Masson and appears on the album The Mad Monk and the Mountain (2009).

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From the western ocean jets a spire of naked savage rock
Upon the rock a faded wooden lighthouse stands alone
Inside the tower two light housekeepers tend the light
That warns the passing ships away
See them safely to port in the night

The lighthouse was so isolate
That the keepers had to wait
For months before the catacave
To bring a fresh replacement crew
They manned the tower two by two
Lest one should fail the other would be there
To see the long ship through

Couped up on a lonely rock
With just the ticking of the clock
Through other feral bow

With passing ships on the horizon

Counting out the days they had to wait
For the boat to take them home

The force still at work beside
The pair would not see eye to eye
And when at shore were often heard
Descending into angry words
His words would sometimes come to blows
Yet neither penny tense would show
Then came the day that one did cry
That he would see the other die

Somebody spoke those fateful words
Why so many overheard
His words would haunt him all his days
And they come from beyond the grave

That night they argued who should take the watch
Outside the wind rose to a howling gale
The other said I don't feel well
Indeed his face was fevered drawn and pale
He took himself to bed and left the one
To tend the spinning light that took like wurling clocks
Reflecting on the rocks below
Till time to change the watching house
The other from his bed
Except the other he was cold and dead

But told he feared as cold as stone
Stranded with this corpse alone
He gripped like panic filled his mind
With horror of a different kind
So many heard what he had said
And now the other he was dead
Now who'd believe him if he said
His nemesis had died in bed

To keep the body he resolved
To prove no evil had been done
Inside a make shift coffin
Against he cut a swift return
But as he set off down to wait
The rising gale would not a bait
The crashing waves grew ever higher
Threatening his lonely spire
From days to weeks they also found
The tower became his private hell
And as time passed below the line
The aging corpse began to smell

In truth his hopes they were forlorn
He had them raking down the storm
Waves like mountains glassy plain'
That smashed the box to smithereens

So night he had the storm become it's
Scour away the rotting flesh revealing bone and sinew
Hanging high up in the air, for all to see
Insanity invested fled now he was dancing with the dead
Now he had the printers grip, beckoning the tall ships in

Two manly prancing figures
In the howling screaming night
Casting monstrous shadows
In the ever spinning light
Waving to the passing ships
The sailors see
Two light housekeepers
Dancing now

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