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On My Way Back to You

This song is by Colin James and appears on the album Limelight (2005).

I've been walking, the whole night through
Theirs a trail of tears, between me and you. I'm not
Saying anything, anything that I'snt true. Cause your
Memory, takes away the pain, works me over!, and over
And over again. This ain't nothing new, I'm on my way
Back to you. I'm looking down a stairway, I'm
Standing at the gate. At the corner of the road, but
Its way too late, and I'm just another shadow. A
Shadow in the shade of blue

And your voice, you know the sound. Inside my
Head, this time around. Though I want to make it
Through. I'm on my way back to you. On my way back I
See everything behind me. I want it all back, every
Second without you. I take each step, till I can't
Stand, because the answer is close at hand. Its
Coming into view, I'm on my way back to you. Our house
Is the same house, with a different door. I can't
Tell the difference, I can't tell anymore, and I'm
Looking for the spark. That was there at start. I'm
Looking for the truth

But the truth is you. Stare me in the face, and it's a
Part of me I couldn't replace. Now I know just what to
Do, I'm on my way back to you. This ain't nothing new
I'm on my way back to you. Well its coming into
View, I'm on my way back to you
I'm on my way back to you

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