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Colin James (1988)Edit

Colin James - Colin James

Colin James

  1. Five Long Years
  2. Voodoo Thing
  3. Down in the Bottom
  4. Chicks 'n Cars (And the Third World War)
  5. Why'd You Lie
  6. Hidden Charms
  7. Bad Girl
  8. Lone Wolf
  9. Dream of Satin
  10. Three Sheets to the Wind

Sudden Stop (1990)Edit

Colin James - Sudden Stop

Sudden Stop

  1. Just Came Back
  2. Keep on Loving Me Baby
  3. Show Me
  4. Give It Up
  5. Crazy Over You
  6. T for Trouble
  7. Cross My Heart
  8. Just One Love
  9. If You Lean on Me
  10. Sudden Stop

Colin James and the Little Big Band (1993)Edit

Colin James - Colin James and the Little Big Band

Colin James and the Little Big Band

  1. Cadillac Baby
  2. That's What You Do to Me
  3. Sit Right Here
  4. Three Hours Past Midnight
  5. Satellite
  6. Surely (I Love You)
  7. Breakin' up the House
  8. No More Doggin'
  9. Evenin'
  10. Train Kept a Rollin'
  11. Leading Me On
  12. The Boogie Twist Part II
  13. Cha Shooky Doo

Then Again (1995)Edit

Colin James - Then Again

Then Again

  1. Just Came Back
  2. I Hope You're Happy
  3. Stay
  4. Keep on Loving Me Baby
  5. Why'd You Lie
  6. Five Long Years
  7. Crazy Over You
  8. Down in the Bottom
  9. Cadillac Baby
  10. No More Doggin'
  11. Voodoo Thing
  12. Milk Cow Calf Blues

Bad Habits (1995)Edit

Colin James - Bad Habits

Bad Habits

  1. Saviour
  2. Freedom
  3. Standin' on the Edge
  4. Real Stuff
  5. Better Days
  6. I Can't Hold Out
  7. Bad Habits
  8. Forty-Four
  9. Walkin' Blues
  10. Atlanta Moan
  11. Speechless

National Steel (1997)Edit

Colin James - National Steel

National Steel

  1. Shout Baby Shout
  2. Rollin' Stone
  3. National Steel
  4. These Arms of Mine
  5. Going up to the Country
  6. Fixin' to Die
  7. Somebody Have Mercy
  8. Postman's Sack
  9. Please Baby
  10. Ride & Roll
  11. I Live the Life I Love
  12. My Mind Is on Vacation
  13. Before the Dawn
  14. Kind-Hearted Woman

Colin James and the Little Big Band II (2000)Edit

Colin James - Colin James and the Little Big Band II

Colin James and the Little Big Band II

  1. Jumpin' From Six to Six
  2. Safronia B
  3. Mary Anne
  4. Let's Shout (Baby Work Out)
  5. You Know My Love
  6. I'll See It Through
  7. C'mon With the C'mon
  8. Rocket to the Moon
  9. Think
  10. Somethin's Goin' on in My Room
  11. I'm Lost Without You
  12. Tin Pan Alley
  13. Triple Shot
  14. Bring It on Home #14 on Canadian release
  1. Oh Babe #14 on US release

Fuse (2000)Edit

Colin James - Fuse


  1. Hide
  2. Mystery to Me
  3. Stop Bringing It Down on a Perfect Day
  4. Get Carried Away
  5. Getting Higher
  6. Something Good
  7. It Ain't Over Yet
  8. Of All the Things to Throw Away
  9. Big Bad World
  10. Hate It When I See You Cry
  11. Get to the Bottom
  12. Going's Good

Traveler (2003)Edit

Colin James - Traveler


  1. I'm Losing You
  2. Make a Mistake
  3. Skydiving
  4. I Know What Love Is
  5. Black Eyed Dog
  6. You and Whose Army
  7. Sending a Message
  8. Know How to Love You
  9. She Can't Do No Wrong
  10. Anywhere Is Home
  11. Rainy Day, Dream Away

Limelight (2005)Edit

Colin James - Limelight


  1. Better Way to Heaven
  2. Watchin' the River Flow
  3. Limelight
  4. Far Away Like a Radio
  5. On My Way Back to You
  6. When I Write the Book
  7. Misplaced Heart
  8. Speakeasy
  9. Healing Time
  10. Travelin'
  11. Shadow of Love
  12. It Fills You Up
  13. Weeping Willow Tree
  14. Into the Mystic

Colin James and the Little Big Band 3 (2006)Edit

Colin James - Colin James and the Little Big Band 3

Colin James and the Little Big Band 3

  1. Reet Petite
  2. I'm Shakin'
  3. Where Y'at
  4. I Will Be There
  5. Lonely Avenue
  6. I Want You to Be My Baby
  7. That's Where It's At
  8. Please, Baby Don't Do That
  9. No Buts, No Maybes
  10. That's What Love Is Made Of
  11. The Night Is Young (And You're So Fine)
  12. Feelin' Good
  13. If You Need Me

Colin James & the Little Big Band: Christmas (2007)Edit

Colin James & The Little Big Band - Christmas


  1. Cool Yule
  2. Christmas Island
  3. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
  4. I'll Be Home for Christmas
  5. Let It Snow
  6. Merry Christmas Baby
  7. Blue Christmas
  8. Baby It's Cold Outside
  9. Shake Hands With Santa
  10. Please Come Home for Christmas
  11. Go Where I Send Thee

Rooftops and Satellites (2009)Edit

Colin James - Rooftops and Satellites

Rooftops and Satellites

  1. Man's Gotta Be a Stone
  2. Wavelength
  3. Lost Again
  4. Johnny Coolman
  5. Love Is Calling
  6. Find My Home
  7. Stronger
  8. Corrina
  9. More Than You Needed
  10. Better Than I Can Imagine
  11. Photograph
  12. If You've Gotta Go Go Now

Fifteen (2012)Edit

Colin James - Fifteen


  1. Sweets Gone Sour
  2. I'm Diggin'
  3. Fool for You
  4. Shed a Little Light
  5. I Need You Bad
  6. Love for Life
  7. Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
  8. Jealous Guy
  9. Finally Wrote a Song for You
  10. No Time to Get There
  11. Stone Faith
  12. Oh Well
  13. Shoulder to Cry on See All
  14. Dry Spell
  15. Tupelo Honey

Hearts on Fire (2015)Edit

Colin James - Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire

  1. Hearts on Fire
  2. Just a Little Love
  3. Dreams Come and Go
  4. Roll Me Sunday Morning
  5. Heartbreak Road
  6. Honey Bee
  7. Paper Airplanes
  8. Cry for Love
  9. How Does It Feel
  10. You Were Never Mine
  11. Stay
  12. I Wanna Sing

Blue Highways (2016)Edit

Colin James - Blue Highways

Blue Highways

  1. Boogie Funk (cover of "Boogie Funk" by Freddie King)
  2. Watch Out (cover of "Watch Out" by Fleetwood Mac)
  3. Big Road Blues (cover of "Big Road Blues" by Tommy Johnson)
  4. Bad Bad Whiskey (cover of "Bad Bad Whiskey" by Amos Milburn)
  5. Going Down (cover of "Going Down" by Freddie King)
  6. Gypsy Woman (cover of "Gypsy Woman" by Muddy Waters)
  7. Goin' Away (cover of "Goin' Away Baby" by Eric Clapton)
  8. Lonesome (cover of "Lonesome" by Hollywood Fats)
  9. Hoodoo Man Blues (cover of "Hoodoo Man Blues" by Buddy Guy)
  10. Riding in the Moonlight / Mr. Luck (cover of "Riding in the Moonlight" by Howlin' Wolf) and (cover of "Mr. Luck" by John Hammond)
  11. Don't Miss Your Water (cover of "You Don't Miss Your Water" by Otis Redding)
  12. Ain't Long for Day (cover of "Mama,'Tain't Long fo' Day" by Blind Willie McTell)
  13. Last Fair Deal (cover of "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" by Robert Johnson)

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  • Instruments: vocals, guitar, saxophone, piano, harmonica

Real name:

Colin James is a performance name for Colin James Munn.

Years active:

1986 - present


  • The Hoodoo Men


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