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One Year (1971)Edit

Colin Blunstone - One Year

One Year

  1. She Loves The Way They Love Her
  2. Misty Roses
  3. Smokey Day
  4. Caroline Goodbye
  5. Though You Are Far Away
  6. Mary, Won't You Warm My Bed ?
  7. Her Song
  8. I Can't Live Without You
  9. Let Me Come Closer To You
  10. Say You Don't Mind

Ennismore (1972)Edit

Colin Blunstone - Ennismore


  1. I Don't Believe In Miracles
  2. Quartet
  3. Exclusively For Me
  4. A Sign From You To Me
  5. Every Sound I Heard
  6. How Wrong Can One Man Be
  7. I Want Some More
  8. Pay Me Later
  9. Andorra
  10. I've Always Had You
  11. Time's Running Out
  12. How Could We Dare To Be Wrong ?

Journey (1974)Edit

Colin Blunstone - Journey


  1. Wonderful
  2. Beginning
  3. Keep The Curtains Closed Today
  4. Weak For You
  5. Beware
  6. Smooth Operation
  7. This Is Your Captain Calling
  8. Something Happens When You Touch Me
  9. Setting Yourself Up
  10. Brother Lover
  11. Shadow Of A Doubt
  12. It's Magical
  13. You Who Are Lonely

Planes (1976)Edit

Colin Blunstone - Planes


  1. Beautiful You
  2. Planes
  3. Since I've Been Loving You
  4. Ain't It Funny ?
  5. Only With You
  6. I Can Almost See The Light
  7. Good Guys Don't Always Win
  8. Loving And Free
  9. Dancing In The Dark
  10. It's Hard To Say Goodbye
  11. (Care Of) Cell 44
  12. Tell Me How

Never Even Thought (1978)Edit

Colin Blunstone - Never Even Thought

Never Even Thought

  1. I'll Never Forget You
  2. Lovelight
  3. Ain't It Funny ?
  4. Who's That Knocking
  5. Never Even Thought
  6. Touch And Go
  7. You Are The Way For Me
  8. Photograph
  9. Do Magnolia Do

Echo Bridge (1995)Edit

Colin Blunstone - Echo Bridge

Echo Bridge

  1. Levi Stubbs' Tears
  2. Tearing The Good Things Down
  3. The Radio Was Playing "Johnny Come Lately"
  4. Everlasting Love
  5. What Is Love ?
  6. Oxygen
  7. If I Said
  8. The Best Is Yet To Come
  9. Breakaway
  10. I Want To Say A Prayer

The Light Inside (1998)Edit

Colin Blunstone - The Light Inside

The Light Inside

  1. Your Love Is Like The Sun
  2. Walking In The Rain
  3. Seventh Heaven
  4. Send Me Your Broken Hearts
  5. Hearts That Turn
  6. Till We Try Again
  7. Slowburn
  8. Love's A Stranger
  9. Don't Let The Darkness Touch You
  10. You Make Love So Good
  11. Knowing You
  12. Losing You

Out Of The Shadows (2001)Edit

Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent - Out Of The Shadows

Out Of The Shadows

  1. Home
  2. A Girl Like That
  3. Helpless
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Living In The Real World
  6. Mystified
  7. Only The Rain
  8. Baby Don't You Cry No More
  9. Danger Zone
  10. Love Can Heal The Pain

The Ghost Of You And Me (2009)Edit

Colin Blunstone - The Ghost Of You And Me

The Ghost Of You And Me

  1. The Ghost Of You And Me
  2. Follow
  3. Dance With Life (The Brilliant Light)
  4. Second Avenue
  5. Beginning / Keep The Curtains Closed Today
  6. Any Other Way
  7. Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You
  8. Feels Like Rain
  9. Love Left A Long Time Ago
  10. The Sun Will Rise Again

On The Air Tonight (2012)Edit

Colin Blunstone - On The Air Tonight

On The Air Tonight

  1. Turn Your Heart Around
  2. The Best Is Yet To Come
  3. Wild Places
  4. On The Air Tonight
  5. Though You Are Far Away
  6. So Much More
  7. Dancing In The Starlight
  8. For You
  9. Not Our Time
  10. 17 Over You

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Beechwood Park
  2. Dancing On A High Wire
  3. Emma, My Dear
  4. For Absent Friends
  5. I Want Her, She Wants Me
  6. Ignorance Is Bliss
  7. Indication
  8. Julie
  9. Losing Your Way In The Rain
  10. Miles Away
  11. Old And Wise
  12. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  13. Pleasure
  14. Somebody Out There
  15. Splendid Morning
  16. Tell Her No
  17. The Eagle Will Rise Again
  18. The Radio Was Playing Johnny Come Lately
  19. The Way I Feel Inside
  20. Tiger In The Night
  21. Tracks Of My Tears
  22. Way Of The Evolution
  23. What Becomes Of A Broken Hearted

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