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Alchemy And You

This song is by Cold Cave and appears on the album Cherish the Light Years (2011).

Murder, Love, Life, and Death
I'm going back to dry the tears of the one I left
It's a violent world and I don't mind

Say boy, what are you doing here?
It's the only town where the thieves run free
And everything is just what it seems...

Dead dreams

I can see
The bombs burst above me
A rose in the street
Tints the decadence of dust at your feet

Arson, Lust, Blood, and Theft
I'm coming back to give you all that I have left
It's a vile world and I do mine

Say boy, how come you're not here?
It's so easy to say I'm a runaway
But not for nothing no one asked me to stay

Please stay

I believe
There's no hope above me
In the broken promised land
I sing to bring bad choice a voice

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