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This song is by Cold and appears on the album Cold (1998).

I don't listen much to reason
Everybody wants to be here
Santa Clause has lost his mind
Easter Bunny's not a rabbit
Tricks are made for kids until
Pseudo-psycho man tells you to fly

Everyone just ran around just
Playing games with anti-socials
No one ever taught you how to fall
I don't listen much to of you
Everyone's a fucking psycho
No one ever taught you how to call

Won't you take it off
And shoot it up
And show me how, ya used to fly

Take it off
And shoot up
And show me how, ya used to die

Everyone around you superstar, they can mother fucking die

I don't give a damn about what you think
All the pseudo-psycho hippies always stink
No one else here brought up questions till you flied
No one gave you any sex until you cried
Trying to be a superstar
Superstars lie

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