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Cure My Tragedy (Letter to God)

This song is by Cold and appears on the album Year Of The Spider (2003).

Remember all the times that we used to play
You were lost and I would save you
I don't think these feelings will ever fade
You were born a part of me
I was never good at hiding anything
My thoughts break me
Do you understand what you mean to me
You are my faith

Won't you cure my tragedy
Don't take her smile away from me
She's broken and I'm far away
Won't you cure my tragedy
If you make the world a stage for me
Then I hope that you can hear me scream
Cure my tragedy

When I sit and think of the days we shared
And the nights you covered for me
Every little thing that I ever did
You would stand by me
Every time you cried it would take my wind
My heart would break
If I could be strong like you were for me
You are my faith

I can't take this anymore
I can't feel this anymore
Won't you take and give her pain to me
'Cause my whole life I made mistakes
Can you hear me scream

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