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​No World For Tomorrow

This song is by Coheed and Cambria and appears on the album Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow (2007).

There's never been a mess like this, no more hands to hold
When the page turns tomorrow with the hurt to give up
Curse us as God has
Believe me, Hell has no room for your crime
Beat me until the blood and the bone find our end near

Bye, bye world
Or will our hope still hold on?
Boy, you're never going to see
The things that will come of these (days)

Raise your hands high! Young brothers and sisters
There's a world's worth of work and a need for you
Oh a change is coming, feel these doors now closing in
Is there no world for tomorrow, if we wait for today?

So march to the drumming, show them you're coming
You've been their play toy
Cut to the carving, bleed them 'til robbing
Enough! They'll take no more

You've been given all the power, boy. Now go and make your move
Curse us, these gods aren't faking,
Have mercy on the cowards, boy. They'll pray to have you lose
Help us, this world's now breaking

So now they've noticed all you've given in sound, Let us in, let us in
Give me love over life the sweet soft of ground, Let us in, let us in now

In the light we'll sing, As all hurt must bring, In the falling cusp, Of all broken things
In the coming dusk, You will call on us, And unite we must, I'm the Crowing done!

You all think you've figured me out, Do as I say
Your words mean nothing at all, So now I lay
I said, "Come, Momma! Come, Momma! As I need."
I said, "Come, Momma! Come, Momma! Will watch you bleed."

What did I do to deserve all of this? What did I do to deserve all of you?