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​Justice In Murder

This song is by Coheed and Cambria and appears on the album Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow (2007).

Is this the way I want them seeing me?
Please, leave your memories at the door.
Why has the world gone off and deserted me?
There's just no room inside these walls.

You want it all, but did you want it tonight?
Oh, you don't remember as you wait by the light
Oh, can you see what you've been asking of me?
With the turn of this knife now, I will take your life.

This ain't a crime no, I'm calling for mercy
Now it's time, please pray for me
There will be justice in murder.
There will be justice in murder.
Now you've been for me, what no other could be
Will I now grow old to forget all those?
Blow off sorrow, goodbye tomorrow.

There is no worse than the curse they've given me
This mule's seen its end in love and war
I'll wish you the best when I'm lost to eternity
Now do what you will, so it hurts no more.