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The Girl I Used To Know

This song is by Code Red and appears on the album Missin You Already (1999).

When I'm with you
Something about you is telling me
You're not lovin' me anymore
And when I'm near you
And holding you close
You don't look at me like before
Just tell me what it is
(I know there's something weighing on your mind)
I can see it in your eyes
(I got a premonition that I might break down and cry)
Though it seemed so right
Guess I'll have to kiss our love goodbye
Where's the girl I used to know
Tell me where did she go
'Cause I can't stop myself from thinkin'
'Bout the things I'm missin'
So do you know
I need to know
What happened to the girl I used to know

You've no idea how many tears
I've cried since you've been gone
But now I've found how to get by
I won't cry those tears no more
I've heard it all before
(So sorry's not a word I wanna hear no more)
I thought I knew you so well
(Seems lately that you're someone else)
Though it seemed so right
I guess I'll have to kiss our love goodbye
If only you hadn't turned around
You could still be right here right now
But then again what is done is done
Life still goes on
Everything happens for a reason

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