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Take My Heart

This song is by Code Red and appears on the album Missin You Already (1999).

I'm in love with a girl and she's you
And I know this time that it's true
So unique, so complete
Unlike any love there's been
And the loneliness I felt has gone
'Cause I know you care, and I swear
I won't let you down
As long as you want me around
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
No matter how far,
Take my heart with you
Whenever you need, however you choose,
If ever you leave,
Take my heart with you
From the moment you wake
Wherever, whatever, no matter how,
Just take my heart with you
Sometimes love, though it hurts,
I must say, I wouldn't have it another way
Though I've lost, this time I've won
'Cause look what our love has become
Some people never find what we have found
They look to the past, think it won't last
But that's a mistake that we haven't made
Take my heart with you
So that I can be with you
You know my heart, can't be apart from yours

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