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Is There Someone Out There?

This song is by Code Red and appears on the album Scarlet (1997).

Sitting by the phone
But it's not ringing
Nobody cares
Who am I kiddin'
But I've still got hope (yeah)

See all of my life I've been searching
For a girl to end this yearning
Come now and fulfil my dreams

Maybe 'cos I feel so alone
I ain't got a love to call my own
So I just want to know

Is there someone out there?
Someone who cares for me?
Someone through the good and bad times too
Is there someone out there?
Is it you? (x2)

If you're there and if you're listening
If you're the girl that I'll be missing
Then just make your move
Show me, thrill me, don't waste time just tell me, yeah
'Cos you've got nothin' to lose

Don't you know I dreamed of you girl,
The scent of your hair, strawberry lips
Even the perfume you wear


Could you be the light of my life
The girl of my dreams
Could this be love and what does love mean?
(Is it you?)
Though nothing's for sure, we might find romance
If you were someone special, then let's take our chance...


Sitting by the phone
But it's not ringing (is it you?)
Nobody cares
Who am I kidding (is it you?)