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I Could Have Saved Your Heart

This song is by Code Red and appears on the album Scarlet (1997).

You tell me all your secrets
Your hopes and all your dreams
You open up your heart to me totally
You trust in everything I do
There's never a question that comes from you
And even though you've been hurt before
I'm the one you adore

How can I tell you that our love ain't the same anymore
And how can I tell you tht I can't live here anymore
(How can I, how can I tell you?)
When I promised you I'd never walk away
That I'd be with you day by day by day

You and I
It's not meant to be
Don't blame yourself girl
It's all down to me
Wish I had known right from the start
I would not have promised
I could have saved your heart (I could have saved)
I could have saved your heart

From the moment I saw you, you were all that I could ever need
(Yes you were, girl)
You're so precious, I thought that we'd be together for eternity
Then an unexpected thing happened to me
I cannot commit, it just isn't me (It's not me)

From the pain and misery
'Cause I know just how you feel (girl you know I know how you're feeling)
And I have to say I'm sorry baby

I know I promised you that I'd never walk away
And that I'd be with you day by day by day

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