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This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Shock Troops (1983) and on the split Live album Live And Loud (1987) by Cock Sparrer and The Business.

I been working all day for me mate on the site
Running around like a blue arsed fly
(Chorus) I been working, working all day for me mate
Every bleeding minute I been on the go
Up and down the ladder like a fiddler's elbow
I been working, I been working all day for me mate
Wait for tomorrow at half past ten when I sign on,
But until then I'll be working, working all day for me mate.
Ain't got no cards, don't pay no tax
For a score in me hand I'll be breaking me back
Call me a crook, call me bent,
But I need more than food and rent
They try to follow me every day
I give 'em the slip and I'm on my way
None of the other blokes thinks it's wrong
'Cause every one of 'em's signing on
The benefit boys are out of touch
What they don't know won't hurt 'em much
If I'm caught I'll go down for a month or three
But they'll still be paying out looking after me

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