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Think Again

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Running Riot in '84 (1984).

I've got a friend just an ordinary guy
But sometimes he comes out with so many lies
About how many women he's had in bed
He's trying to impress me but he hurts my head

Think again use your brain
Your values are false and by lying you've nothing to gain

There's this kid hangs around our way
And he's all right but sometimes he'll say
How he beats people up for the sake of it
He's looking for credit but I can't give it

Think again use your brain
You've just lost your way turn around just sit down think again

You'll never prove you're someone
By use of the muscle alone
What will you ever become
By living in fairytales slug snails and poppy tales

Too many people trying to prove something
Too many hang ups lie festering
Too much in the art of conditioning
People weren't made for packaging

Think again use your brain
We're not all the same and by hiding we've nothing to gain

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