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This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Two Monkeys (1997).

There's something we both know
You're meant for me but even so
If I offered you the chance
You'd probably still say no
I've got to get it through to you
You know you really want me to
You've ignored me from the start
You stuck-up, two-faced tart.

You can't fight fate
I should ask you for a date
I know some day you'll come for me
But I just can't wait
You're really messing me about
When I come in you're going out
It should be tearing me apart
You stuck-up, two-faced tart

You'll fall in love with me, I guarantee
I've had enough of your lies and your abuses
Me, I'm your destiny
I don't want any more hair-wash excuses

It's oh, so sad
It's driving me mad
What's wrong with me
I ain't that bad
I can't take more
I'm kicking down your door
When you're alone in the dark
You stuck-up, two-faced tart

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