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Secret Army

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Shock Troops (1983) and on the split Live album Live And Loud (1987) by Cock Sparrer and The Business.

collecting funds for the holy fight
like a door to door salesman in the dead of night
russian guns help him on his way
bought with money from the usa chorus.
and the ordinary people say what's it for
and the ordinary people say we want no more
but the man at the top knows where to do the most harm,
he's in he secret army.
and this man with a gun says not a sound
i want this aeroplane turned around
he spent his life learning how to fill a man with lead
he'll probably spend the rest of it dead
when a bomb goes off in a city street
when a man gets killed for his beliefs
when a mother cries for the son she had
that's when the world's gone mad

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