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Riot Squad

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Shock Troops (1983) and on the split Live album Live And Loud (1987) by Cock Sparrer and The Business.

When we were at school I thought he had it sussed
Fighting the law with the rest of us
Smoking, drinking, acting cool
Till they started treating him like a fool
Then he stayed on his own
For most of the time
Dreaming dreams of a life of crime
In and out of trouble,
He cheated and lied
But who'd have thought he'd join the other side
(Chorus) he's in the riot squad,
The wanna fight squad
The shoot on sight squad,
For law and right
Down to hendon with the boys in blue
It's amazing what a few weeks can do
Out in the car, out on the street
South of the river on the frontline beat
Cracking heads, it was all a game
A finger was pointed, and he got the blame
Now he's back where he started,
He ain't got a pound
Queing with the sorts he used to kick around.

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