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Out on an Island

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Shock Troops (1983).

Everybody's got a number tattooed on their soul
And the time's gonna come boy, when your number's called
Everybody gets a uniform and a hut to live in
They give you your rank, you tell 'em your next of kin

And there's no escape for the likes of you, my friend

But I'm gonna be out on an island
In the middle of the bright blue sea
Out on an island
Where nobody's gonna bother looking for me

Everybody gets the training, in the wind and the rain
Ten miles cross country, driving you insane
Everybody gets to jump the hoop and march in time
You just gotta remember you gotta toe the line
So don't go looking over your shoulder for me

Every number's a hero and every hero's a son
But every son's just a number when the battles begun
So don't go waiting on the corner for me

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