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Is Anybody There?

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Running Riot in '84 (1984).

Well you won't hear us on the radio or Top Of The Pops
'Cause we're blanked
And I wonder what is that we've done
Oh he was only having some fun
What went wrong
I get the feeling that somebody's got it in for us all the way
And we've been called names that were not justified
And we never had the right to reply
Telling lies

Somebody somewhere must care
Hello hello is anybody there
Who'll lend us an ear

It's just amazing how little people know about us
Not a thing
But rumours carry more weight than facts
And they only contribute to the fact
That we take

Never mind the bollocks the truth is plain to see
If only people took the time to come and talk to me

The pressures mounting, everybody's waiting to hear at the end
But the more they try to sweep us away
Makes me all the more determined to stay
We won't go away

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