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East End Girl

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Two Monkeys (1997).

When she's hot it's the heat of a burning at the stake
And when she's cold it's the chill of a frozen Moscow lake
And when she smiles is it real or the smile an assassin makes
Before he sends you to hell?
She's an east end girl

When she sighs it's the sigh of a sleeping tiger's stir
And when she cries it's a storm like the world has never heard
And when she lies you'll believe in every single word
'Cause you can never tell
With an east end girl

And when they're kicking down the door she'll be there at your side
They'll never take her alive 'cause she's an east end girl

She's dangerous and beautiful and proud
With her feet on the ground and her head high in the clouds
And all it takes is one look through a late night party crowd
To put you under the spell
Of an east end girl

And she may move to the country or the coast
For the kids and the Volvo and the Sunday roast
But there's one thing her posh neighbours can never boast
Underneath her shell
She's an east end girl.

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