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Bats Out

This song is by Cock Sparrer and appears on the album Two Monkeys (1997).

Just another tour, just another gig, just another sound and lighting rig
A rock 'n' roll show and a couple of beers but some of those boys had other ideas
A sign on the wall made it perfectly clear: no guns, no bombs, no knives in here

Potsdam rocks but we should have been told of freedoms new and rivals old
We played the set and we encored fast, then the dressing room door was locked at last
In retrospect, the mistake was the fact that the sign didn't say: no baseball bats

Bats out, get your bats out

There's always dark before the dawn, there's always still before the storm
From calm to chaos in a flash, the bottles flew, the place got trashed
Then, through the noise, we heard the shout: get your bats out, get your bats out

And the ballroom now was a battlefield and we thought that someone might get killed
We saw it all but we never knew what reasons lay behind that feud
And we wondered if it was fate or not to destroy only thing you've got

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