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Shock Troops (1983)Edit

Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops
Shock Troops
  1. Where Are They Now
  2. Riot Squad
  3. Working
  4. Take 'Em All
  5. We're Coming Back
  6. England Belongs To Me
  7. Watch Your Back
  8. I Got Your Number
  9. Secret Army
  10. Droogs Don't Run
  11. Out On An Island
  12. Argy Bargy
  13. Colonel Bogey

Running Riot in '84 (1984)Edit

Cock Sparrer - Running Riot
Running Riot in '84
  1. Run With the Blind
  2. Is Anybody There?
  3. Price Too High to Pay
  4. Think Again
  5. Don't Say a Word
  6. The Sun Says
  7. They Mean Murder
  8. Closedown
  9. Chip on My Shoulder (Live)
  10. Runnin' Riot (Live)
  11. The Sun Says (Oi! LP Version)

Guilty As Charged (1994)Edit

Cock Sparrer - Guilty As Charged
Guilty As Charged
  1. Get A Rope
  2. Because You're Young
  3. Bird Trouble
  4. Don't Blame Us
  5. Roads To Freedom
  6. Last Train To Dagenham
  7. I Fit Central Heating (Working, Part 2)
  8. Strip
  9. Crack In The Mirror
  10. We Know How To Live
  11. Tough Guys

2009 Bonus Tracks

  1. Run Away Johnny
  2. Why Can't You See?
  3. Sunday Stripper (1995 Version)
  4. Roads To Freedom (Full Version)

Two Monkeys (1997)Edit

Cock Sparrer - Two Monkeys
Two Monkeys
  1. A.U.
  2. Before The Flame Dies
  3. Tart
  4. Lies?
  5. East End Girl
  6. Anthem
  7. Time To Be Me
  8. I Live In Marbella (Working, Part 3)
  9. Bats Out
  10. Battersea Bardot
  11. I Feel A Death Coming On
  12. Back Home
  13. Goodbye

Here We Stand (2007)Edit

  1. Too Late
  2. Gotta Get Out
  3. Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?
  4. True To Yourself
  5. Time To Make Your Move
  6. Will You?
  7. Better Than This
  8. Don't Stop
  9. Spirit Of '76
  10. So Many Things
  11. Last Orders
  12. Despite All This
  13. Sussed
  14. Suicide Girls

Other SongsEdit

  1. Again And Again
  2. Everybody's Talking About Revolution
  3. I Need A Witness
  4. Run For Cover
  5. Runnin' Riot
  6. Sun Says
  7. Teenage Heart
  8. What's It Like To Be Old

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