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Cock Robin (1985)Edit

Cock Robin - Cock Robin

Cock Robin

  1. Thought You Were On My Side
  2. When Your Heart Is Weak
  3. Just When You're Having Fun
  4. The Promise You Made
  5. Because It Keeps On Working
  6. Born With Teeth
  7. Once We Might Have Known
  8. More Than Willing
  9. A Little Innocence

After Here Through Midland (1987)Edit

Cock Robin - After Here Through Midland

After Here Through Midland

  1. Just Around The Corner
  2. Biggest Fool Of All
  3. El Norte
  4. I'll Send Them Your Way
  5. Another Story
  6. Coward's Courage
  7. Every Moment
  8. Precious Dreams
  9. After Here Through Midland

First Love/Last Rites (1989)Edit

Cock Robin - First Love-Last Rites

First Love/Last Rites

  1. Stumble And Fall
  2. Straighter Line
  3. Win Or Lose
  4. One Joy Bang
  5. For Experience Sake
  6. It's Only Make Believe
  7. Hunting Down A Killer
  8. Any More Than I Could Understand
  9. My First Confession
  10. Manzanar
  11. Worlds Apart

Collection Gold (1990)Edit

Cock Robin - Collection Gold

Collection Gold

  1. The Promise You Made
  2. Thought You Were on My Side
  3. Have You Any Sympathy
  4. Peace on Earth
  5. Because It Keeps on Working
  6. Blood of a Saint
  7. When Your Heart Is Weak
  8. The Biggest Fool of All (Dance Mix)
  9. El Norte (Reinforced Dance Mix)
  10. We've Changed
  11. Open Book
  12. Don't Think Twice
  13. For Dear Life
  14. Just Around the Corner

I Don't Want To Save The World (2006)Edit

Cock Robin - I Don't Want To Save The World

I Don't Want To Save The World

  1. Superhuman
  2. I Don't Want to Save the World
  3. Fair Enough
  4. Across the Freeway
  5. Touched
  6. Body Over Mind
  7. Bo
  8. Through the Years
  9. Italian Soul
  10. The Valley Below
  11. Dominoes
  12. Me and My Shaman
  13. Under the Star Which I Was Born

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