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If I Was

This song is by Cobalt 60 and appears on the album Elemental (1996).

If I was a planet I would be the moon

If I had something to prove I would be back in the groove

If I was an animal I would be an eagle

Not that kind of talking monkey proliferating on earth

If I was the devil I would like to see you come

In my own private hell we would have some real fun

If I wasn't who I am / If I was... / If...

If I was a planet I would be the sun

If I was a hunter you would be at the end of my gun

If I was a season I would be the summer

If I was a little wise I would never improvise

If I really had the choice I would try to make more noise

If I really had the choice I would take another voice

If I was in fighting trim I would be back in the swin

And If I wasn't so vain I would jump out of the train

If I was the thunder you would already be deaf

And If I was a shadow you would be the place where I would fall

If I wasn't who I am...

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