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​The End Result

This song is by Coathanger Abortion and appears on the album Dying Breed (2010).

The end. I want to crush you for complicating my life.
Your feeble whining, it makes me want to hurt you
Sitting back, enjoying a peaceful, carefree time
The end. Pain will become a new habitat
Minding my own business. Die, fucking high-class wannabe
This is your end result
Is there nothing better to do?
There is no room for me and you
This is your end result
Just fucking die. Get away from me
Die, fucking high-class wannabe
Do you understand this?
If you do not stop it will bring your world down
This is your end result
This thing makes me sick
The end. The end result
I no longer have a place to create, escape, express
The end result, I no longer have