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Such A Savior, Such A Saint

This song is by Coathanger Abortion and appears on the album Dying Breed (2010).

Dry your eyes
Hold you with two fingers in your tiny microphone
Mascara runs, blot the saline mixture with a ball of tissue paper
Manicure so perfect
Ten identical wings for you to choose from
Such a savior, such a saint
Jesus said to me, "What if that were you?"
Flies eating on you. So many fools
This is your one stop savior shop
Send you checks
We need a new church
Donate, God wants you to
He told me. Go to work, donate your money, too
Send it. we need a new church
I need a few things
Look at my new car
Send me your money
Look at my new rings
Donate. All of you, give it all to me
I want your money. Donate.
Donate your money, give it to me
Now get on your knees and worship me
What a profession
Such a savior, such a saint

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