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This song is by Coathanger Abortion and appears on the album Dying Breed (2010).

Leaves. Burn. Burning. Burning leaves
But these don't come from trees
Not oak nor pine
Sweet smoke, come take a toke of my spirit enhancement
Inviting smells fill the air
Pleasant numbing sensation
Feeling, and touch slightly numbed
Thank you good herb
Vision enhanced and lazy
Keeps getting better
Taste of the giving plant
Stoned. Heightens sexual urge, heart beating harder and faster
Lost train of though
Time to pass it along
Ancient social ritual
Smoke and visit with the occasional akward moment
Cannabis Sativa so good and positive, unfair illegalization
You ware what I like
Roll it up and smoke it, smoke it everyday
Buy a bag of weed and let's get really blazed
Roll it, pack it, bong it
That's what we want
Because I need to taste the skunky funky funk
Hydro is what we want
Light green is what we need
Comatose, baked and stoned
Light it up and toke along
Smoke, fire it up, hydro, light green
Smoke some fucking pot