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​Dying Breed

This song is by Coathanger Abortion and appears on the album Dying Breed (2010).

Gone are the days of pride
Inspiration flowed something new at ever corner
Then we gone older and got responsible
Since when does responsibility mean you have to lose motivation and dedication?
When did you lose your "way of life"?
Cliché. When did you lose your "sight"?
It used to be so meaningful
So what's so important now?
It used to be so meaningful
So what's important now?
What is it consuming?
What a disappointment
Those that were once so supportive, are the same ones killing this scene
Such skill and musicianship, so much more creative than most anything
You are a dying breed
We are a dying breed, the rest of the world will never understand
Congratulations dead ass
You will always be some stupid fuck that does not support the scene, always sitting at home
Lazy motherfucker. Dying breed
On the computer or TV
Bitch about something to see nonsupporter of the scene
You will be a dying breed
Never coming out, never coming in, never becoming part of the scene
Always sitting on your ass, and on your couch and becoming real thin