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Down The Unknown

This song is by Coathanger Abortion and appears on the album Dying Breed (2010).

Down. Wake up, go to work not knowing what's in store
Making a living. Best I can
Spending a lot of time away from home. Down the unknown.
This is where I don't belong. Now I call home
But sometimes I get tired of this place
Living on the road can be such a waste
Day in, day out, feeling like a slave
Now the road is home 'til the grave
Staring at four walls
Welcome to life of down the unknown
Driving miles on end. Gripping the wheel at 110
Going down 75. Now the road has come to life
Putting up with endless shit. The road has taken over
I just can't quit. I'm on the path 'til I die
Down the unknown. This is where I call home

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