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You Can't Kill Us All

This song is by Coalesce and appears on the EP Functioning On Impatience (1998).

What more do you want from me?
Some sort of apology?
Well I promise that forgiveness is the most you'll get.
And what I demand of you is to put up or shut up.
So make your decision,
But remember-you can't kill us all.
I know you don't know what you say
But I don't feel any safer from you.
Hate is too easy and we'll both find a way to be right.
No matter how far a stretch.
And even now I've all but forgotten what we're fighting for.
To end something or to begin it?
I don't even know why I care to continue.
Old habits die hard I guess. but we don't.
And the threats are still made.
I'll kill you. even though turning away seems safer.
I want to be in the middle.
I want to go for the jugular. but I don't remember why.
Was it to start something or to end it?
I know why I continue. I do it all for them.
For her I can be an influence and for them a backbone.
To end the old and begin a new age of compromise and clear thinking.

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