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This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Chamber Music (1999).

When we wish, we wish for two
And when I wish, I wish for you
Yes, they come, and then they go
But I'm still left, here on my own

When we wish (We wish for two)
When I wish (I wish for you) (repeat)
I wish for you...

When they wish, they wish to fly
Mask myself and don't know, why?
How Mary wishes on the ground
You please warm these with no sounds

...When I wish, "Can't this?"
...I can't do this, with you, anymore

Goodbye my sorrow
I save regrets for tomorrow (repeat)

...I wish for you, (x3) ...When I wish

Written by:

Mike Cox, B. Dez Fafara, Rayna Foss-Rose and Miguel Rascón

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