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Not Living

This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Chamber Music (1999) and on the album Giving The Devil His Due (2003).

[Verse 1]:
I realize I'm dead, I'm fucked in the head
I'm not living without you
My life is a game, my life is a shame
I'm not living without you...
[Verse 2]:
This heart is a joke, & my life has been choked,
And I'm not living without you
My life's alone, (x2), I'm not living without you...

You're bleeding me (x3)
You're bleeding... (repeat x3)...
You're bleeding me (x3)

[Verse 1] / [Verse 2 (alt)]
-(alt: "This song is a joke, & my life's a joke")-

You've, you've taken all from me
What I have to see, what I cannot be, inside you
My love, (my God), my love
-(What's this, what's this?)- ...I can't live (x3)

[Verse 1] / [Verse 2 (alt)]
...[Chorus] ...You!

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