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Headstones And The Walking Dead

This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Coal Chamber (1997).

[Chorus 1]
All of the pain and all of the games
I hope you all feel the same
I gave you the good, you gave me the bad
I'll give you the hurt today

[Chorus 2]
You're all headstones - Headstones now
I'm the one left - The walking dead (repeat)

Remember the house that rock 'n roll built?
Where four people lived?
That house - It took it's toll
For some of you it was heart-felt,
Maybe heart-felt - For me, I sold my soul

Have fun now, back in the real world
All curled up - No one to hear your cries,
And unheard prayers... I'm the one,
Ya made me: Pirate - Poet - King of Despair

[Chorus 1] / [Chorus 2]

All they shall know no good or peace,
Nor shall their suffering ever cease,
Until they humbly come to me
And beg for mercy on their knees
Which I may grant, if I should please

This is the worst - Yet the best
For my vengeance - For the rest
Vendetta (Vendetta)

[Chorus 2]...
...You're all headstones (x4)
...Giving the Devil his due (x4)
...Headstones, headstones
...Giving the Devil his due ...(His due is you)

Written by:

Coal Chamber

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