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This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Dark Days (2002).

[Verse 1]
Keep my enemies close to me
And I've been watching you closely
Yes, I despise you mostly, yes you!
[Verse 2]
You think you're tall for dogging me
You're small you see, a wannabe
A mirror of me is stolen, identity

Why'd I do it? You drove me to it! (x4)

[Verse 2] / [Verse 1]
...[Chorus x2]

You can take the high road
We'll play by my rules (repeat)

Say never, (x4) (repeat x3)
Say never, (x3)
Never, say never, say never, say never (x2)
Never say, (x2) (repeat)
Never, say never, say never, say never

[Chorus] ...Yeah! ...(Drove!)