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This song is by Coal Chamber and appears on the album Dark Days (2002).

All dressed in black - Eyes of attack
Coming with one hand in pocket, to take from me
Sin in eyes I see - Sin is nice to me
Nothing left for me - Reality, forget it

You have messed up - Can't do anything
I have messed up - Can't do anything
You're just a fuckup - I'm just a fuckup
We're just two fuckups,
At least we're fucked up together

So sad to see you go - I said to myself you know
So sad to see a mind - Disappear through time
Lunacy's an argued taste,
I guess there's no time to waste, oh!
This time, it's a passing phase - Reality, forget it

[Chorus x2] ...We are two fuckups (x2)

[Chorus x2]...
...Together, (x2)
...Together forever, (x2)
...Together forever, on paper
...(Together forever, (x2) ...Forever)

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