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Love Ballads (1958)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Love Ballads
Love Ballads
  1. Heartaches
  2. Come What May
  3. Rock And Cry
  4. That's Enough For Me
  5. I Gotta Have You
  6. Bip Bam
  7. Just To Hold My Hand
  8. Lucille
  9. Long Lonely Nights
  10. When You're Sincere
  11. No Matter What
  12. No Love Like Her Love
  13. You'll Be There
  14. Love Has Joined Us Together

Clyde (1959)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Clyde
  1. Since You've Been Gone
  2. Lovey Dovey
  3. I'm Lonely Tonight
  4. Let Me Know
  5. The Way I Feel
  6. My Island Of Dreams
  7. A Lover's Question
  8. Hot Ziggity
  9. Try Try Baby
  10. Gone
  11. Everyone's Laughing
  12. I Can't Stand Up Alone

May I Sing For You? (1960)Edit

May I Sing For You?
May I Sing For You?
  1. Harbour Lights
  2. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
  3. You Belong To Me
  4. Three Coins In The Fountain
  5. That's My Desire
  6. What Will I Tell My Heart
  7. When Did You Leave Heaven
  8. Answer Me My Love
  9. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
  10. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Ta Ta! (1960)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Ta Ta!
Ta Ta!
  1. How Many Times
  2. Why Was I The One You Chose
  3. Everything's Gonna Be All Right
  4. Let Me Shake The Hand (That Won The Hand Of The Girl I Love)
  5. Who's Worried Now
  6. Ta Ta
  7. I Need A Love Like Yours
  8. What's Love To Me
  9. For All You've Done
  10. Not Me
  11. All About Love
  12. High School Social

Golden Blues Hits (1961)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Golden Blues Hits
Golden Blues Hits
  1. Clock
  2. What'd I Say
  3. Raining In My Heart
  4. What Am I Living For?
  5. Kansas City
  6. Honey Hush
  7. I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
  8. Fever
  9. C.C. Rider
  10. Bells
  11. Honest I Do
  12. Blues Stay Away From Me

Lover Please! (1962)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Lover Please!
Lover Please!
  1. Lover Please
  2. Pretty Girls Everywhere
  3. Money Honey
  4. Don't Do It
  5. Rockin' Robin
  6. Everybody Loves A Winner
  7. Little Bitty Pretty One
  8. Such A Night
  9. Oh Lonesome Me
  10. Next To Me
  11. Sixty Minute Man
  12. I'm Movin' On

Songs of the Big City (1964)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Songs of the Big City
Songs of the Big City
  1. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem
  2. My Block
  3. A Suburban Town
  4. Spanish Harlem
  5. Three Rooms With Running Water
  6. Up On The Roof
  7. Second Window, Second Floor
  8. Chinatown
  9. Coney Island
  10. The Shelter Of Your Arms
  11. In My Tenement
  12. On Broadway

Welcome Home (1970)Edit

Welcome Home
Welcome Home
  1. I'll Belong To You
  2. Why Can't We Get Together
  3. Anyone Can Tell (We're In Love)
  4. Book Of Memories
  5. Please Give Me One More Chance
  6. If You Only Knew
  7. The Mixed Up Cup
  8. Our Day Will Come
  9. Someone To Believe In
  10. Mr. Heartache
  11. The Ties That Bind
  12. A Mother's Love

Deep Sea Ball: The Best Of Clyde McPhatter (1991)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Deep Sea Ball-Best Of
Deep Sea Ball: The Best Of Clyde McPhatter
  1. I Can't Stand Up Alone
  2. Seven Days
  3. Treasure Of Love
  4. Rock And Cry
  5. I'm Lonely Tonight
  6. Without Love (There Is Nothing)
  7. Deep Sea Ball
  8. Just To Hold My Hand
  9. My Island Of Dreams
  10. No Matter What
  11. Come What May
  12. Lovey Dovey
  13. I'm Not Worthy Of You
  14. A Lover's Question
  15. Thirty Days
  16. You Went Back On Your Word Little Girl
  17. No Love Like Her Love
  18. Long Lonely Nights
  19. Since You've Been Gone

Greatest Hits (1991)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
  1. A Lover's Question
  2. Lover Please
  3. Treasure Of Love
  4. Without Love (There Is Nothing)
  5. Little Bitty Pretty One
  6. Ta Ta
  7. Money Honey
  8. Honey Love
  9. Lucille
  10. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem
  11. Let's Try Again
  12. Crying Won't Help You Now

18 Hits 2 (1996)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - 18 Hits 2
18 Hits 2
  1. No Says My Heart
  2. Do Something For Me
  3. Harbor Lights
  4. That's What You're Doing To Me
  5. I Can't Escape From You
  6. Don't Leave Me This Way
  7. Deep Sea Blues
  8. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
  9. Yours Forever
  10. Chicken Blues
  11. Weeping Willow Blues
  12. Heart To Heart
  13. The Deacon Moves In
  14. Love Love Love
  15. Pedal Pushin' Papa
  16. No Room
  17. I Ain't Gonna Cry For You
  18. I'm Loney

Live at the Apollo (1996)Edit

Clyde McPhatter - Live at the Apollo
Live at the Apollo
  1. Baby Baby
  2. Ta Ta
  3. A Lover's Question
  4. Hold My Hand
  5. Second Window, Second Floor
  6. Such A Night
  7. Lucille
  8. What's Love To Me
  9. Deep In The Heart Of Harlem
  10. Mercy Mercy Baby
  11. Without Love (There Is Nothing)
  12. I Told Myself A Lie
  13. Let's Try Again
  14. Twice As Nice

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