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Green Buckets

This song is by Clutch and appears on the album The Elephant Riders (1998).

Won't you come over and stay for a while.
Take a seat, have a drink, we'd have a nice time.
Turn on the TV I believe it's prime time.
I'll make you chicken cacciatore in five.

There's a woman down at 314
Who can't keep the stains on her kitchen floor clean.
And there's a man that's been knocking on his own door for three years,
Or has it been four?
I don't want to spend the winter in this house all alone.
Those neighbors of mine keep coming on over and playing with my mind.

I would like to love you. I sure would treat you right,
We could take the trash out every Thursday night.

Here in my neighborhood there is the strangest thing
Green buckets every Friday at every driveway.
They're filled with glasses, plastics and newspapers too.
They say they recycle and bring them back to you.

I would like to love you I should would treat you right,
We could take the trash out every Thursday night.
We could be a family, consume many goods.
We could be the pillars of the neighborhood.

Ah, babe, I'm a real hard worker.
With the proper tools I'll make you anything you yearn for.
The barbarians are at the gate, come in before it's too late.
I have food enough to last the two of us about a year.
One thousand cans of chowder and one thousand cans of beer.
I love my neighbors like I love my own brothers,
But every year they are getting odder and odder.

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