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Four Lords (And One More)

This song is by Clutch and appears on the compilation Slow Hole to China (2003).

Oh that Appalachian Way runs from Georgia clear up to Maine.
Oh that Carolina sand runs from Kill Devil Hills out to cold Greenland.
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord.
Can you summon fire baby with a simple flint and stone?
If you can't then baby you better go back to what you know.
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord.
Who put me in heavy metal? If you know the answer I don't care.
I have a kick ass harpsichord. That's right.
I saw you dancing with the devil, I tell ya kid you're better off
Playing leap-frog with a unicorn. That's right.
Hang on, it's along road to where we go.

Written by:

Clutch and Neil Fallon

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