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Big News II

This song is by Clutch and appears on the album Clutch (1995).

Original video

Can't funk with the feel
Or with the other three
This mother load
Comin' atcha, all 3-Ds

We got big news
The party boat is here
The band is kicking
And I see lots of beers

And I believe there is gambling
On the deck just below from here

We got Greedo
Solo to the rear
They know the deal
Sacks packed and stacked with

Pieces of eight
A sailor's life for me
Live free or die
Never look a bounty hunter in the eye

Now where were we?

I think aces high
Sleeves are rolled
Tremendous diamonds
And a mouth of gold

I spent many years a rambling
I'll never change these foolish ways
'Cause fortune tellers make a killing nowadays
Best keep living like a castaway
With my sack packed

Pieces of eight
A sailor's life for me
Live free or die
Never look a merman in the eye

Written by:

Neil Fallon/Jean-Paul Gaster/Dan Maines/Tim Sult

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