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That's Alright

This song is by Clouseau and appears on the album Close Encounters (1991).

In the darkness of the night
I'm sitting here all by myself
And the TV gives off light
But is doesn't really help
And I go back to the time
When she looked me up and down
And when she said, you will be mine
I just followed like a clown


But that's alright
'Cause her eyes were full of rainbows
But that's alright
She made princes out of toads
I don't know why she felt she had to go
But that's alright, that's alright

Every night and every day
How she taunted, how she teased
I can confidently say
That she just did as she pleased


Oh and each and every night
I keep thinking how it hurts
And the TV's on alright
But the image isn't hers
I remember every time
When I looked her up and down
That's a memory so fine
My head spinning round

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