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Take Me Down

This song is by Clouseau and appears on the album In Every Small Town (1993).

Straight out of nowhere
Like a thief in the night
You stole my heart
Life was so easy
I thought I was getting by
I was wrong from the start
How was I to know that
The way I was living
Would never be the same
Since I felt what you are giving

Take me down (We are deeper than water)
Take me down (We are thicker than blood)
Take me down to a ground
Where my feet won't touch down
Won't you take me down
Take me down, take me down

How did I manage
To get through those years
Without you around
Babe where we're going
Well it's halfway to heaven
This love that we've found
I'm never going back
To the way I was living
It would never be the same
Once I felt what you are giving

I stand on an edge
Between here and forever
With my heart in my hand
And I believe that the power
Of love between lovers
Is making me understand

Straight out of nowhere
Like a thief in the night
You stole my heart
When you kissed me


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