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She's All Mine

This song is by Clouseau and appears on the album Close Encounters (1991).

She had the look, she had lovely eyes
She turned around and she laughed
And went off with me
But when you came, she got so excited
It's such a shame
You'll have to go, you see


She's all mine
You think she might be yours
But then I know she's mine
She's all mine
You think she might be yours
But I'm tellin' you, tellin' you, tellin' you that
She's all mine

Only yesterday she called me honey baby
Oh but obviously I'm not the only one she says it to
I can see it now : you wanna steel my lady
You're dreaming anyhow
Well more fool you


She smiles at you and winks at me
Strings us along
Puppets both you and me, me and you
I toss and turn in my sleep
She makes us both feel really cheap
Oh, but still there's nothing here for you

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