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This song is by Clouseau and appears on the album Close Encounters (1991).

First time I saw you, you were smiling
You stole my heart, Nathalie
Oh I adored you for a while and
Now you tell me you wanna leave

Every night and day I'm praying
Please believe what I'm saying
This ain't the way things ought to be
So won't you please stay with me

Be with me, stay with me
You're so hard to please

My love grows bigger by the hour
I can't move 'cause I'm much too scared
I wish I wasn't, mm, such a coward
But it's hard to be a real man
Now I'm missing you, I'm crying
I'm not perfect but at least I'm trying
This ain't love, it's a disease
Do it to me one more time, if you please

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