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This song is by Clouds and appears on the album Penny Century (1991).

Hello Souleater
Stole my shoes as I walked through the door
Took my heartbeat
Now I'm worse off than before
No more

Hello hell-raiser
Said you'd lift me up to the stars
Now I'm falling
Moving faster than your cars
Your shiny cars

Hello Souleater
Just want you to look back on everything you have ever done for us
And I want you to realize that it's all there
In a bright, tiny, shiny package
Just waiting for you to move right in and open it up
Move right in, take your cut
Move right in, take your cut,"

Well you know we've cottoned on
You know we're catching up with you

Hello moneytalker
Told me I'd be rolling in dough
Now I'm covered in dust from head to toe
Oh no
Just Blow

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