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Panel Van

This song is by Clouds and appears on the EP Panel Van (1995).

I don't need to look in the rear vision mirror,
I don't care where we're going,
Just as long as you're here with me

Strapped inside this capsule,
Rocking like some
Panel van from hell
I'm fanging with my foot on the floor!

Baby, how you smile when the G-force
Threatens to turn you inside out,
How the hell did you find me
Inside this panel van?

The road is sticky, black and melting
Underneath the wheels,
I'm fanging with my foot on the floor!

Can you see the city lights?
They're calling to us,
But I want to drive all night
Into the dust...

I don't need to know where we're going
(Don't you ever look back)
I don't even care where we're going
(Don't look back)
Don't you ever look back

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