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Foxes Wedding

This song is by Clouds and appears on the album Penny Century (1991).

Do you know what day it is today?
Showers gently clear the air for you know who

Coloured canoe
Will get you through, coloured canoe

Did she tell you you're forbidden?
If you saw them you could never return

Coloured canoe
Will get you through, coloured canoe

Hide behind a tree don't you make a sound
Don't even breathe and you'll be okay
You will see them moving past you
Like a red and burning ocean
Slow as a cloud
'Til they turn around

Run boy fly boy to the river
She'll be waiting to deliver you home

Coloured canoe
Will get you through
Coloured canoe
Takes care of you
Coloured canoe
Orange and blue
Lavender too
Shiny and new

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