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Jimmy Breeze (1)

This song is by cLOUDDEAD and appears on the album Clouddead (2001).

I taught myself to survive a four story fall
Wearing a space suit and a dead englishman's socks
It's a textbook procedure, kid
Right out of the pages of the hollowed out book
Where once I hid my face stuck in glasses
Don't lose your shoes over such a simple step as hitting ground
Just remember to roll,
Just remember to roll.

Silence in a five story starewell
I say, and that's all I can think of
In my brandon-eyed dead of day crawl
I can barely squeeze that lie
Through the black clawed pinhole between my two front teeth

I've kept a razor under my tongue since I was a small toddler with a tight belt
I haven't been able to kiss a woman with an open mouth, my friend
'Cause I'm afraid that I'd split her lip,
Is that sick?

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