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Turning On (2010)Edit

Cloud Nothings - Turning On
Turning On
  1. Can't Stay Awake
  2. Old Street
  3. You Are Opening
  4. Turning On
  5. Hey Cool Kid
  6. Water Turns Back
  7. Whaddya Wanna Know
  8. Real Thing
  9. Strummin'
  10. My Little Raygun
  11. I Am Rooftop
  12. Morgan
  13. Another Man
Bonus track on Amazon release
  1. Get on Board

Cloud Nothings (2011)Edit

Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings
Cloud Nothings
  1. Understand at All
  2. Not Important
  3. Should Have
  4. Forget You All the Time
  5. Nothing's Wrong
  6. Heartbeat
  7. Rock
  8. You're Not That Good at Anything
  9. Been Through
  10. On the Radio
  11. All the Time

Attack On Memory (2012)Edit

Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory
Attack on Memory
  1. No Future/No Past
  2. Wasted Days
  3. Fall In
  4. Stay Useless
  5. Separation
  6. No Sentiment
  7. Our Plans
  8. Cut You

Here And Nowhere Else (2014)Edit

Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else
Here and Nowhere Else
  1. Now Hear In
  2. Quieter Today
  3. Psychic Trauma
  4. Just See Fear
  5. Giving Into Seeing
  6. No Thoughts
  7. Pattern Walks
  8. I'm Not Part Of Me

Life Without Sound (2017)Edit

Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound
Life Without Sound
  1. Up To The Surface
  2. Things Are Right With You
  3. Internal World
  4. Darkened Rings
  5. Enter Entirely
  6. Modern Act
  7. Sight Unseen
  8. Strange Year
  9. Realize My Fate

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